App Privacy

Vypr Validation Technologies Limited (company number 08589377), located at Xyz Social, 2, Hardman Boulevard, MANCHESTER, M3 3AQ, UK (“Vypr”, “we”, “our” or “us”) and other parties jointly process your personal data. Each party bears their own respective duties to comply with data protection law, in particular to respond to your rights requests and provide notices relating to data protection and privacy.  We have a designated Data Protection Officer (‘DPO’) who may be contacted via regarding any data protection and privacy matters.  If you are in the EU (the UK is no longer part of the EU following Brexit), please contact our EU representative via

Mobile App

User Account Information

Your user account information is processed as per our contract with you, and you may not be able to use the Vypr Mobile App without us being able to process it.  It is also shared with various service providers who we rely upon in our legitimate interests, including Paypal details you provide us to pay you for completed surveys, and is aggregated into different ‘locales’ in order to match our clients with individuals they wish to survey.  Account information you provide us is retained whilst your account is active.  Your survey answers are pseudonymized and retained by us in connection to aggregated survey results reports.


When you first set up your user account on the Vypr Mobile App, a geolocation lookup is done for your IP address.  Your user account is placed in a ‘locale’ based on your country in our legitimate interests to ensure only individuals from territories we service can use our Mobile App, and have the opportunity to earn money from our surveys, as well as match our clients with individuals they wish to survey.  Your IP address is shared with a service provider who will perform the geolocation lookup which may include any detection of VPN or other IP masking means.  Geolocation lookup results (your country) are retained as part of your account information whilst the account is active.

Metadata (mobile app usage derived)

The Vypr Mobile App relies on service providers to process your metadata to derive and store various metrics, logs, usage data and your IP address in our legitimate interests for performance and security purposes, to prevent or fix any potential bugs or errors as they occur, and to further develop the Vypr Mobile App.  Your metadata and logs from these are retained for up to six years.

By downloading the Vypr Mobile App you consent to Firebase & Google Analytics (Google LLC) to capture & analyse usage related metrics, such as IP address, session duration, device model, operating system, geography, first launches, app opens and app updates.  Google Analytics may capture extra data about you including your name, age, gender, country, language and interests.  This data may be retained for up to 14 months and in some cases in perpetuity.  If you wish to exercise your data protection rights, please contact Google directly – click here for more data protection and privacy information on Google. 

Sentiment Analysis Steers

When using the Vypr Mobile App’s feature to answer Sentiment Analysis steers, your device is used to record your answers, and your device’s Operating System is used to create a text transcript of your answers, which is used for sentiment analysis.  These survey results and analysis are aggregated as part of a survey results report, that is shared with the client who ordered the survey, in our legitimate interests.  The recording remains on your device and is not shared with us.  Text transcripts are retained by us in connection to aggregated survey results reports.

Vox Pop Steers

When you take part in Vox Pop steers, your device will be used to record audio and video while taking the steer. Additionally your device’s Operating System will be used to create a transcript of your verbally given answers. The video taken by your device is uploaded to a cloud service provider we rely upon and is made available to our client who ordered the particular steer you responded to, in our legitimate interests of fulfilling our contract with the client. The client may download your Vox Pop recording and process it for the purposes of marketing including market research, while text transcripts are pseudonymized and disclosed to the client via steer results reporting. We retain our copy of the video recording for up to 2 months though may choose to delete it earlier. Our client may retain a copy of the recording for up to 3 years though may choose to delete it earlier. You may delete your copy of the recording on your device at any time of your choosing. Text transcripts are retained as part of aggregated steer result reports. We have arrangements in place with the parties involved with the processing of personal data, and although all parties bear their own respective data protection obligations all matters relating to data protection and privacy should be initially addressed to us.

Email Tracking

We rely upon service providers to track emails for deliverability and recipient responses in our legitimate interests, and undertake analytics with this data to improve our messaging.  The information gathered by this tracking is retained for up to six years.


You have the right to request access to, port, and rectify or erase your personal data, or restrict or object to processing of your personal data at any time. Please do contact our DPO (or if you are in the EU, our EU representative) regarding any data protection and privacy matters. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority – a full list of EU regulators is available here, and the contact details of the UK regulator, the ICO, is here